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design firm


A leadership
development think tank


An executive coaching
& performance practice

Shift exists to enable human flourishing in organizations.

The only thing we can know about our organization is that conditions are going to change. Shift partners with you to embed the thinking and tools needed so that people can flourish while helping organizations exceed expectations in rapidly adapting environments.
For organizations to be far more effective, we find it does not take wholesale changes, new missions, new initiative launches, and other programs that involve that (sometimes) dirty word—Change. Instead, slight movements and subtle adjustments (Shifts, if you will) can have far longer reaching and more permanent impacts.

If you find you resonate with Shift, and though your business content may be different, your real purpose is using your business, role, or organization to help places become more human, connect deeply, and get results while helping everyone flourish, it would be great to hear from you. Let us know what you are thinking, or consider attending a WORKSHOP or SEMINAR.



Jason is committed to leaving a legacy of helping others thrive. He does this by using methods founded in creativity and innovation, with a particular interest not just in creating insight, but implementing solutions.
Jason uses Shift as a way to assist individuals and organisations transform their thinking, doing and results. In that order.
Jason really likes playing Frisbee, working out, watching movies, and eating pizza. He’s comfortable with the inherent tension in the previous sentence, and loves spending time with his wife Shannon (a partner in Shift), daughter Ava, and son Roman.