Outperform Your Market

06 October 2014

Outperform Your Market With Shift Consulting

In what ways can Shift Consulting help you outperform your market?

1. Grow leaders faster than your competitors.

A workplace that is human, makes sense, and offers clarity is a place where leaders make a home. You’ll attract better people for longer and get better customers too.

2. Alter your customer interactions.

Finding ways to operate in alignment with what people are already doing, even subconsciously, makes it easy for customers to choose you over the competition. Every space in which customers interact with you (and spaces where you are not interacting, but could) are opportunities to grow.

3. Make change what you do best.

Change is harder the more that political power is stored at higher levels within an organization. Learning to allow authority to live lower helps change to happen naturally, and allows team strengths to shine.

4. Make your competition irrelevant.

Finding every value proposition your business makes–to suppliers, to employees, to shareholders, to customers–is a chance to intentionally design an experience and deliver value. Find ways to do this for all associated with your business, and it becomes intuitive to choose you. When you do this well, it becomes too hard to copy your business model. It is easy to copy an operation, but difficult to copy a mindset and values system that allows people freedom to execute as they see best for the business.

If interested in seeing your business or organization move towards this kind of thinking, get in touch! EMail us at info@shiftnz.co.nz.