Shift provides a range of services that profoundly and positively affect employees and customers. We do this through making service, innovation, vision something that everyone in the organization can be an integral part of. Shift helps embed Management 2.0-–design, creativity, meritocracy, transparency-–into the entire organizational experience.


I believe that our impact grows when we share our deepest beliefs and values, best shared through stories of our journeys and learning. I speak at corporate and public events on personal transformation, creative and collaborative leadership, and intentional change that drives innovation.



I provide workshops on Storytelling for Impact and Prototyping for Results. These workshops help teams learn base skills of navigating ambiguous change while learning with customers and colleagues about the future they should be buiding, while preparing to implement and bring to life a vision they have collaboratively created.



I offer two programs, both with 24 hours of learning and development time. Collaborative Leadership is for general manager level leaders who want to go to the next level in their own creative leadership capabilities. Intentional Impact is for anyone looking for a base of skills to embed innovation within their team, project or organisation.




An event can act as a catalyst for new thinking, change, inspiration, and imagination as new conversations and new perceptions are introduced to the organization. Shift provides facilitators for your company content (perfect for SME’s who only need an HR person an hour or two a month to do specific training activities without losing productivity from other members of the organization), and speaking for events, dinners, and development programs where a fresh perspective on people, motivation, work life or leadership is on the agenda.

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Engagement Surveys

 A conversation across rank and structure to discover patterns and tension in morale, performance, and culture that allows for deep change, raised levels of performance, and a new sense of ‘average.’ Shift provides a unique story-telling approach to finding levels of engagement within an organization, creating conversation, collating themes, and coding the culture within. This ‘cultural code’ informs systems, remuneration, hiring, environment, communication, motivation, and gives practical next steps to implementing this ‘code’ for sustained high performance and permanent behavior change.

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Documenting involves a process of creating and codifying the actions that create sustained success for safety, performance, efficiency and effectiveness in all roles. Shift can create a learning and development curriculum, write training materials and document processes. Perfect for SME’s that aim to grow, or want to be able to scale and ‘future-proof’ the organization as it expands.

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Executive development

 A relationship development journey to discover what it might mean to have wisdom while managing status, power, rank, authority, and responsibility in a current role while working on targeted skills to develop capabilities for new roles.

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Learning & Development

A review of operational, induction, and training materials geared toward consistency and excellence. Shift can conduct an internal review of induction and training processes and systems to identify gaps as well as locate opportunities to better align values, culture, and process.


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What if it doesn’t work?

Shift will be as committed to your outcomes as you are. Shift will continue to work with you to get the results you want, as long as the recommendations Shift makes are followed. Using Shift’s methods won’t guarantee results, but results won’t happen unless you change the conversation in your organization somehow, and Shift knows how to do that.

How do we have time for this?

Our pattern of work includes steps of understanding and deconstructing before adding new things. Typically we find that in the deconstruction phase, by eliminating unneeded approvals, processes, and communication, we find time to give to more proactive and productive activities. In one organization, one person was the customer service bottleneck for nearly 60 frontline agents. We created more time for the manager by removing this authoritative bottleneck. The manager was creating their own stressful environment by personally handling all issues that required a decision. In the end, work was removed before anything new was added.

Will this add more work?

Yes and No. Yes, in that processes and ways of communication might change, or in some cases, be introduced. No, in that in adding these things, we don’t introduce more time into the system; typically it reduces the amount of work. It may change the nature of the work; in one case, a manager found themselves spending 70-80% of their work week ‘putting out fires’, as they termed it. After working with Shift, this reduced to 10-15%. How might work change for you if you could gain back 50-60% of your work week?

How much will this cost?

This is hard to say, as Shift tailors its work to your need. How much might it cost to continue ‘as is’? In some cases, the cost can be hundreds of thousands, or the organization itself. We’ll have a better idea after we meet to discuss your organization what the scope of the work will entail.
On the other hand, Shift offers Management Training and Executive Training that companies can choose to send participants to.



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