SHIFT has created a range of learning, leading, design, and philosophy studies to help organisations gain insight into particular complex cultural, strategic, or operational issues.



Shift can facilitate board meetings, help create a board, and network with other non competing businesses to help owners and directors create a board to work toward more profitable and efficient organizations, help the businesses rely less on them, and find innovative solutions through shared experience.


Shift can provide consistent input and serve as a sounding board for organization leaders to think, grow, be challenged, and align their personal goals and vision with their work and life.


Shift can provide organizations with the tools to create a leadership mentality in every role by encouraging growth of learning capabilities. One test location implementing Shift ideas won store of the year awards in their organization by implementing a few simple tools. Let Shift help your organization flourish by creating leaders and change capability in every role.


Shift can review current training and learning systems, and write new ones intended for faster learning, better performance, and real return on investment. One company experienced savings of $400K per year from increased learning capability. Let Shift serve you by reviewing what your organization knows, and when people get to know it.


– This Shift service helps a company uncover the unspoken motivating factors already influencing employees. One company was able to gain insight into improved hiring practices, bonus structures, employee morale, account management procedures, and talent development ideas from this 2-3 week study. Let Shift serve your organization by revealing insights that lead to big performance increases.


– Shift can help organizations locate their 3-5 core customers, and find the culture code (the self perception) of those customers. With this knowledge, business find it easier to connect with customers as their product and message becomes ‘on code.’ Let Shift assist you in discovering the keys to your core customer purchasing behavior.


– Shift can help businesses experiencing change navigate those changes efficiently and effectively. Change can be result of new ownership, changes in law or public policy, new product offers, market pivots, new operational procedures, and this kind of change can cause decades of damage and hundrends of thousands in costs due to turnover, damage to reputation, and lost sales. Let Shift help you thrive through change rather than just survive it.


– Shift can help you identify the stories your business or organization is telling, as well as the stories it would like to tell. Your organization will be given the tools and training to move from the ‘Now’ to the ‘New’ by way of purposely designing its future.


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GUIDING ASSUMPTIONS that frame our conversations
  1. People do not go to work considering ways to fail and look bad; under-performance comes from somewhere other than intent.
  2. The assumptions that got you to where you are will not get you to where you want to go.
  3. People and organizations don’t have ‘problems’; instead, we see symptoms and receive insights.
  4. Insight and brilliance can be found anywhere in the organization.
PATTERNS OF WORKING that we’ve observed in our processes
  1. We understand and accept what exists
  2. We deconstruct unnecessary systems, approvals, ways of working, and assumptions
  3. We co-create a different story with input from across the organization
RESULTS TO TYPICALLY EXPECT from our involvement
  1. Raised morale and higher levels of performance.
  2. Better decision-making in strategy, hiring, communication, processes, and investment.
  3. Increased sales, loyalty, attendance, morale measures, and organizational effectiveness.
  4. Decreased turnover of employees and clients, absenteeism, complaints, and disciplinary issues.
  5. An increased sense of what ‘average’ looks like as the nature of work changes.



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