5 Tips for Improving performance

Tip #1: Track the Fingerprints (and misprints) of Success
25 August 2014

Improving Performance: Tip #1 of 5

At Shift, our goal is to help humans flourish in the organizations they live their lives in. Toward that end, here are five ideas to consider for use. These will work in most situations, and work best in situations where management by objectives is in place (schools and nonprofits can play too!).

Let us know in the comments how you have used them, questions that arise for you, or what using these strategies leads you to wonder.

Tip 1: Track the Fingerprints (and Misprints) of Success

Keep track of success; keep track of failures too. Write down the phrases used, time of day, how many contacts it took, how the conversation went, what you wore, where the conversation happened. Once place we worked with tracked these things on newsprint paper hung in a large common area, transparent to everyone. Compare your notes to the notes of others in the sales force. See if you can find connecting conditions and add more of those characteristics into your sales routine. Sales will rise your team knows it is safe to fail, and there are benefits to sharing both stories of success and failure, as the idea of what is average begins to look different.

Metrics will only measure what you decide to measure, so looking for answers in metrics is a bit problematic if you are unsure you are measuring the correct things in the correct way. We cannot know that which we are unaware of, and if we are unaware of an important element, we are not measuring it, and our predictions and resulting data will be skewed, or worse, wrong.